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Welcome to My Website!

Hey Everyone,

Welcome to the Official Site of Keilani Ricketts!

I have been wanting to get this going for awhile now but haven’t ever taken the time to get it going since I’ve always used the excuse “I can’t, I have softball”. So now that I have a little extra time on my hands this time of year, let me go ahead and introduce myself to you all! My name is Keilani Ricketts and I am a professional softball player and current member of the USA women’s national team. I was born and raised in San Jose, California as the youngest of four children to Jeffery and Carol Ricketts. I attended the University of Oklahoma, where I graduated with a bachelors of arts in Communication. At Oklahoma, I was a member of the softball team in which we won the National Championship my senior year in 2013.

From college ball, I went on to play in the National Professional Fastpitch for the USSSA Pride as well as a member of Toyota Industries Shokki in the Japan Softball League. So in a nutshell, the past five years I have been playing pro ball for both Pride and Shokki for about 9 months out of the year. For those of you unfamiliar with the NPF and JSL, The JSL formats their season in the spring and fall and the NPF is in the summer only. So it would work out for the few Americans that would play in both professional leagues to have the opportunity to play in both leagues.

As for USA, I was on the team for two seasons while in college and had the opportunity to be apart of the team this past summer as we competed for an 2020 Olympic birth at the World Baseball Softball Confederation World Championships in Chiba, Japan. As you can see, softball has been what I have living and breathing the past few years! Sure it has been an incredible and very fortunate journey thus far but by no means has it been all rainbows and butterflies. After all, it is a game of failure right? With the launch of my website,

I am really going to aim to blog for you guys to share a few of the journeys I’ve been on that have included softball. Whether it has been testing my love for the game, learning and understanding my culture and other cultures, or even what has helped me find certain edges throughout my career. I’d love to share with you all my path and try to find a connection with you all along the way.

Thanks for reading and hope you stay tuned for what’s to come!


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I LoVe softball since I was in 3rd grade, (don't laugh but I'm now 55 years old) played every year through high school and a bit afterwards. I was a good player in my summers e only played slow pitch softball where I was the first in my town to hit a home run. Then when I played in high school we played fast pitch what a change for me. But I adapted to it, for my home runs (1st again in HIS play) and then in my senior year 1982😮 Was the first to get a grand slam! Did I say I love softball? Well, anyways coming to the present in 2012 a drunk driver hit me head on…

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