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2019 Summer Schedule/Update

Hi Everyone,

Just wanted to keep you posted about what our schedule with Team USA is looking like for the rest of the summer of 2019 and a brief recap of June thus far.

We just got done having training camp in Rosemont, Illinois playing exhibition games against the NPF's USSSA Pride (yes, it was very weird facing my teammates!) and the Chicago Bandits. It was very cool getting some tough competition right off the bat in training camp at one of the best NPF atmosphere's at the Bandit's home field.

From Chicago, we traveled to Japan to face Japan in a 3 game all star series. This was also a super cool atmosphere to play in as we finished the 3 game series at the Tokyo Dome in front of over 20,000 people! I mean, yes it was incredbile to play at the Women's College World Series for a National Championship in front of 10,000 people but this was a softball exhibition game. That game was a true testament to the love and support Japan has for our sport and definitely gets Team USA even more excited to compete in 2020 back in Tokyo!

From Tokyo, we flew to Atlanta, Georgia and we are currently getting ready for the

International Cup here in Columbus, Georgia. What's pretty awesome about the venue we will play at is that it was actually where the very first softball Olympics was played in the 1996 Olympics. Just another event to get us excited for the 2020 Olympics.

With all that being said, it has been a fun few weeks getting better with my teammates and getting back in the swing of things as a player. If you are wanting anymore information on tickets or other details of any of our games you can check out our team website Otherwise, I will be posting on my social media stories and tweets any other information!

Thanks for checking in!



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